about tania sutedja

Tania is a London-based accessories brand founded by Tania Sutedja. Tania began creating high quality leather accessories since 2014. The brand grew from a simple stall in Backyard Market, E1. Today, both Tania's studio and workshop is based in East London, Islington.

The signature range of styles is made each season in new colours and leathers, and always from the finest materials. This process resulting in good quality end product that is adaptable to an ever-changing lifestyle.

As one of the designers to manufacture exclusively in the UK, Tania Sutedja has always been proud to promote the made in East London aspect of her brand. Tania Sutedja believes that her professional craftsmanship gives a reliability and integrity to each of its product.

Our leather are certified ISO14001:2004 (Environmental Management System), proves the ecological quality of the leathers. and GREEN L.I.F.E. project (Green Leather Industry for the Environment), financed by the European Commission, where its primary goal consists in reducing the environmental impact of the various segments of the tanning sector. Including: lower consumption of water during the various production phases and use of raw materials produced in a sustainable fashion